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11 April 2012 @ 05:25 pm
Update of the awesome kind  
Fear not, I am still here! Just lurking mostly, lol
Thought I'd give the random update to my blogosphere so no one worries about what's going on.
I've been put on new medication for my agoraphobia, so the reason I've been AWOL is I've been going out more, and staying in and reading more, lol. I've been amassing a huge e-book collection, so if anyone wants something, let me know and I'll hook them up :D
Other than that, it seems as if I gained a pen-pal boyfriend who won't break up with me and went on some dates with guys, some good, some not so good, hahah.
Hope the rest of you are doing well, I do like to check up on you guys, I lurve you all, so sound off like you got a pair and let me know you're still here too!

/end communication